Hello world! Introducing RevHarvest Performance Ads

Welcome to the official RevHarvest blog!

We’re excited to announce that our ad platform is launching a public beta. If you haven’t already¬†done so and you’d like to participate, be sure to sign up on our home page.

So what heck are RevHarvest Performance Ads ?

Simply put–our ads allow you to monetize your site from 1000′s of high paying direct response and brand advertisers by simply placing our ad code on your site.

The optimization, offer selection and advertiser management is all done our end. Just drop the code and we do the rest.

Whether you’re a small blogger and want to run our ads along side Adsense or a publisher looking to monetize your remnant inventory, RevHarvest Perform Ads can earn you more money.

On this blog stay tuned for official company news, insight about performance marketing, feature releases and more.

Much more to come soon!

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